Repurposed Rusty Barstools

Today I am excited to share a quick and easy facelift for rusty metal furniture.

We have a set of four barstools that were meant to be inside barstools, but we have them outside since that is where they are the most useful for us. I didn’t think twice about it, we used them all summer last year and when we went to start cleaning up the yard this spring, this is what we found. Rust and Spider Webs!! Yuck!!

Rusty stool 1

The barstools had rusted and they looked AWFUL. I think a lot of people would have thrown them out at this point, but once you realize just how  easy and how quick a facelift could be, you will be shopping around for ugly rusted metal furniture at thrift stores, antique shops and yard sales to take home and refinish.

I was originally going to recover the seat as well, but the seats are in too good of shape. I decided maybe that could be a future project when they truly need it. So for now, I took the seats off (4 easy screws) and got out my spray paint! I used Rustoleum hammered finish spray paint in Dark Bronze and I love it!! (More like gunmetal gray than bronze)

Rustoleum Hammered Finish Spray Paint

I sanded off the obvious chunks of rust quickly and got to work.

Rusty Stool

Each stool took a maximum of 10 minutes to cover and ONLY ONE COAT!! They are dry to touch in 30 minutes and I finished them off with a quick once over for spots I may have missed. This stuff doesn’t drip unless you get really heavy. It is fabulous!!

Painted stool 1

Notice the pallet in the background? Check back later this week to see my finished Pallet Herb Garden Perfect for small spaces too!

Hammered FinishStool

I tried to get a close up of the hammered finish. I love things that don’t require perfection :-)

Here is a side by side of the before and after

Side by side stools before and after

And here is the set of four

Four stools

I love them even better than the shiny finish they had originally!!

Four Stools 2

The best part of this project was it was quick and easy!!

The Alameda County Antique Fair is this Sunday. Cannot wait to go shopping for more JUNK!!


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