Wine Barrel Side Table

I am really excited to share my latest project with you today!! A couple of months ago I decided I wanted cut-in-half wine barrels as my side tables outside. I found them at my local hardware store for about $30. My plan was to add a glass top and call it a day. Unfortunately, finding that glass top has proven to be difficult, well at least finding one I could afford anyway.

Our first quote at the glass store downtown was $450!! Um, I don’t think so!

Then we found one online for around $150….problem was shipping was an additional $100. Yikes!

So our sad wine barrels sat outside with no tops for the last two months, UNTIL TODAY!

I decided to take a trip to a salvage yard I have been wanting to check out for quite a while now in Berkeley called Urban Ore.

There was A LOT of stuff to sort through, but I could have stayed there for hours! And there it was, way in the back corner with no price tag, sat a round glass table top.

The glass measured 34 inches (I was looking for 32 inches, so close does count in this case). No price tag meant the guy helping me got to pick a price. Other pieces of glass on the rack ranged from 20-55 dollars, I was really hoping for a deal. It was a little scratched up with a VERY SMALL  chip on one side. Needless to say, can you believe he quoted me 10 BUCKS?!?!

The guys at the store were so helpful, they carried it out to my truck for me and everything.

The only downside was they didn’t have three of them!

Here is the wine barrel without a top

Half Wine Barrel

I wish I could insert the “wine barrel smell” here :-)

Here is the $10 glass top

Glass top

I don’t think the extra 2 inches in diameter makes a difference

I decided to add the corks we have been collecting for years to the bottom for an added touch


It looked ok, but not great. Then I remembered some faux straw I had in the garage that was leftover from a Halloween project a few years ago. Sometimes it does pay off to keep junk you never thought you would use again!

Straw Corks and Straw

It looks so cool!

I also love that we have corks from some of our favorite wines

Favorite Corks

I think it turned out so great, what do you think??

Winebarrel Table 3

The roses are from my garden :-)

Winebarrel Table 8

Not too shabby for a $40 dollar table, huh?

Winebarrel Table 4

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