Pallet Herb Garden

Hello again!

Today I am sharing my version of an Herb Garden, hand-made from a shipping pallet. I love the idea of reusing something that would otherwise be garbage and making it into something usable and beautiful. Life on the Balcony has a great tutorial on how to construct your own Pallet Garden, and I am going to share my own trials and tribulations here (don’t worry, it has a happy ending!!). This is a great project, even for those with limited space.

I started with the prettiest pallet I could find. I actually got mine free by looking on Craigslist.

Sanding Pallet

I sanded the pallet–it’s good to wear gloves here, lot’s of splinters!!

Sanded Pallet

I primed the pallet with Kilz oil based primer

Helper 2

The best part about this step was my handsome helping hand :-)


I wrapped the pallet in two layers of landscape fabric

Wrap landscape fabric

Here is my first “I wish I would have known that” moment!

Reinforcing the pallet with additional boards after it was wrapped would have made my life sooo much easier. This was almost the undoing of me the project! Luckily I had another pallet I had deconstructed earlier. I reinforced with extra boards out of necessity AFTER it was filled with dirt and weighed 1000 pounds. I think I would have also added an additional double layer of fabric for a total of 4 layers if I had to do it all over again.

I reinforced the sides with precut fence boards that were about $1 each at Lowes. Use heavy duty nails to reinforce the boards you add to the pallet.

Fence Posts

I painted the pallet a cool, light green color. I used Valspar The Perfect Finish (Paint+Primer in One). I wanted a paint that will withstand the outdoor elements over time. This is spray paint!!


Ah, so pretty and clean–but it’s not gonna stay that way :-)

Green paint pallet

I wrote the names of the herbs on the pallet for a nice decorative touch. These are the two font’s I narrowed it down to…of course I had to go with “Sunshine in my Soul.” It’s like OPI nail polish, partly about the color and mostly about the name!


I laid the plants out around the pallet to determine their position by the look of the plants themselves. I then taped the names to the pallet and wrote them free hand with a sharpie marker.

Layout Font

I then drew over that writing with a paintbrush using black, outdoor, oil based paint (the smaller the paintbrush the better).  I can’t say it enough, I love things that don’t require perfection. I wanted this to look like handwriting.

Fresh Font 3

And here is the finished pallet before it was planted.

I used waaay more dirt than the original plans called for. In fact, almost double. I bought two large bags of potting soil, had to return to the store for a third (well, my hubby did anyway) and then had to go back for a fourth!! Another “I wish I would have known that” moment!

Finished Pallet Herb Garden

And here is my finished herb garden. I LOVE IT!! I love that I have fresh herbs for cooking at my fingertips! I love the pop of color that my garden so desperately needed! I love the smell of fresh herbs!

Final Pallet Herb Garden 2

It’s nestled between two rose bushes with pink blooms–definitely the perfect spot.

It was so worth the blood, sweat and tears…but I do have to say, this could have been easier. And for you it can definitely be an easy DIY project. I would love to hear your thoughts about my garden and would love for you to share your own herb gardens with me.

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