Update: Woodfiller on Farmhouse Table

So I wanted to post an update about the wood filler I used on my farmhouse table. This gets a little scary, but I’ll start out by saying I still don’t regret my decision to fill. But, I will do it a little different next time.

The wood I used for this table was the cheapest builders grade boards I could get. That kept my cost down to under $150!! Which is pretty sweet. But, this type of wood is wet. Which means over time, shrinkage!

Most of my table held up pretty well, but there was one board in particular that really has shrunk…which caused cracking in the wood filler.

Here is what the wood filler that held up looks like:

Woodfiller Farmhouse Table

And here is the board that didn’t hold up so well

Cracks Farmhouse Table

This is an easy fix though, but I want to do it right so this doesn’t happen again!!

First I taped off the bottom of the table. It looks like a lot of work, but this took me less than 10 minutes.

Painters Tape Farmhouse Table

Then I started filling with Minwax Stainable Wood Filler

Minwax Stainable Wood Filler

It takes A LOT of wood filler, which is maybe why some decide not to fill. But again, I want a table my kids can use and I can clean! No icky food stuck in the cracks!!

Big Glob Wood Filler Farmhouse Table

I had a big bucket of warm water handy and when I felt like the crack was completely filled, I just washed of the table. I worked in small sections so the wood filler didn’t have a chance to dry to my table top. I only wanted it in the cracks! I used a childs butter knife, just worked easiest for me. After I thought I had enough, I went back and checked for air pockets by poking the knife along the entire section and adding more wood filler when needed.

Filled Cracks Farmhouse Table

Then I let this dry for a full 24 hours. I used a small brush to stain just the wood filler, used a dry rag to wipe of any excess stain and then another small brush to add a coat of polyurethane over the wood filler only

Farmhouse Table Wood Filler Finish

Voila, just like new!!

I plan to leave the blue painters tape for now…and give it a couple weeks to see how it does. If it holds up I think I will do a coat of silicone on the underside of the table just as added protection. If I do end up filling again in the future, this would also eliminate the taping part.

Have you ever filled the cracks on a table like this? Any pointers?


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