DIY Thrifted Chalkboard Cheese Tray

I scored this tray during my vacation thrift store jackpot. It was only a couple bucks and I knew I wanted to make it into a cheese tray using chalkboard paint. Here it is in all it’s dirtiness!! Not very appetizing!

Cheese tray before

I started off by spray painting the entire tray white. Notice how the center is not really covered. I just wanted to make sure the frame was painted because I knew the center tray would be painted again with chalkboard paint.

spraypainted tray cheese chalkboard

Next I taped off the frame with painters tape

Taped Chalkboard tray

And painted the center with chalkboard paint using a sponge brush to minimize brush strokes. I also love that I can just toss the brush when I am done, no messy clean up!

Chelkboard tray during 01

And now, time for the bad news!! I let the paint dry for a few days. When I went to peel it off, things didn’t go as well as planned.

Tape Removal Chalkboard tray

Not only did some of the chalkboard paint peel off, but some leaked up onto the frame. I ended up using a small craft brush to fix this by hand. It took 3-4 coats of the white paint (using Kilz primer for added coverage) to cover up that black chalk paint. In the end, I wish I would have not taped at all and just cut in with the chalkboard paint using a steady hand.

I always say, things don’t have to be perfect, but I will admit this one was a little painful for me. I had to remind myself that the tray would be covered with pretty food and these minor imperfections would fade into the background!!

Chalkboard Cheese Tray 02

I got myself a “chalk pen…” a definite must have!!

Chalkboard cheese tray 01

I actually love the finished product. I think it could be used for any types of appetizers, not just cheese. By using the chalkboard to label, it’s a really versatile tray :-)

Cheese tray pinterest



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