Simple Tricks to Create a Personalized Gallery Wall

I have seen a lot of great tips out there on how to create a perfect Gallery Wall. I have seen some really great gallery walls and some that just don’t work. So, I have decided to share my “unconventional” how to on creating that perfect gallery wall. These tips may break major design rules, but I am not claiming to know what I am talking about :-)

Gallery Wall Pinterest

Tip #1: Don’t overthink it!

I think there is something to say about planning. In fact when I started brainstorming my own Gallery Wall, I thought I would use the tried and true trick of using poster board cut to the size of my pieces to get that perfect layout. I think its a great idea…but the reality for me was a) I had yet to own everything I wanted to include on my gallery wall and b) I didn’t want to use only geometric shapes. This may be a trick left to those looking to create a photo gallery wall using picture frames only. Which leads me to tip number two.

Tip #2: Think Texture

I definitely love the look of texture on a wall. It doesn’t have to be bold or colorful, in fact this owl I used makes a big impact…but, standing alone, it’s a very plain piece. Checkout his facelift here. I took years off his life!!

Owl spray paint

Tip #3: Think Balance, but not Matchy-Matchy

You want to make a collage with art on your wall. I accomplished this by using various elements throughout. For example, I had this round mirror that I needed to find a spot for. Adding the driftwood wheel creates balance. These two pieces are related, but they are not competing with each other and notice they are not placed at mirror images on the wall. I did the same thing with the frames. Notice the white frames on the left ground the wall. The picture frames on the right round out the wall, but I intentionally staggered them to soften the “big picture” of the wall.

Gallery Wall 02

Tip #4: It’s not all about the wall

When planning a Gallery Wall in a room such as a family room like this one, it cannot be all about the wall. The oversized chair was the first piece placed. I knew once I hung the art above it, I wasn’t going to be able to move it around without creating issues. Also the height of the lamp on the end table is key when hanging art around it. In the evening when the lamp is on, it casts shadows off the owls face that I just love. It creates a really great mood in this room.

Tip #5: Direct traffic

Now I know you are thinking I am crazy, but go back to that wall and look at the two ships in the white frames. Notice how they are traveling in opposite directions? Now look at the direction of the fish…yep he’s actually headed West. And finally the rustic beach sign…you guessed it East. Maybe I am crazy, but I feel by adding this subtle balance to the wall you won’t feel like you’re floating upstream while standing there admiring it.

Tip #6: Take your time and only add what you love

This wall started out with the white frames, the mirror, the two picture frames and the wheel. It felt bare, but that only inspired me to shop around for those perfect pieces. I then added my owl, and after that the beach sign. I had that woven fish in my basket on two different occasions at Cost Plus and put it back on the shelf both times. But, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I finally went back and it was 40% off…can’t beat that, so I bought it. Now it’s one of my favorite things on the wall. I love the dimension that it adds.

Gallery Wall 01

Do you have any pointers for creating that perfect gallery wall?


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