Painted Chair Planter

So I know most of my posts recently have been about my outdoor space, but it is that time of year and I have been working hard to get my yard in order. I am really not a gardener! I have two black thumbs and have to try really…REALLY hard to get plants to live in my presence. But I try, and I think having flowers, pops of color, and green around the yard makes it a much more beautiful space.

The other thing I hate is that planter pots and basins, even the plastic ones, are really kind of spendy! Most I have seen are upwards of 20-30 bucks for plastic and 50-80 bucks for anything sturdier. So this year I was on a quest to find unconventional things at thrift stores and antique fairs that I could repurpose into fun, colorful planters. Think of all the things you have lying around the house that could be converted with a coat of paint. I have even seen people planting old boots!

So far you have seen me use a pallet, an ash bucket, and my next transformation involves this vintage chair.

      Raw Chair2

It had a torn rattan seat (sorry no before pictures, I was too excited to tear it out) which meant I got it for a super deal.

The seat is perfect, but if you had a chair without the hole, you could always cut your own with a jig saw!


I love the detail on the seat back…and it’s even prettier painted!

Chair Detail

Originally I had pictured this chair in light blue/gray, but I changed my mind at the last minute. I am updating my pool shed to look like a cottage and wanted a bolder pop of color. So back to RED!! This time I chose Rustoleum’s Outdoor Paint in Colonial Red and painted this project with a brush.

Painted Chair

I only used one coat since I was planning on planting it.

Tip: Turn the chair upside down first, paint the bottom and the legs. Then turn it right side up to finish…will make life much easier.

Planted Chair

I love the red and purple flowers and hope this plant fills out even more to cascade over the sides. I bought a hanging plant for this very reason.

Chair Planter

Have you repurposed anything into a planter for your garden? This was an easy project that cost less than $20 plus the cost of the plant. This planter makes a bold statement without breaking the bank!!


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