End Table Repurpose Part 1: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I have a deep, dark secret…even though I love to DIY, I am an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Virgin…at least I was until last night!

Do you have anything that you wish you could do, but for some reason you hesitate? It’s a strange feeling for me!

I am such a “dive right in, think I can do things I clearly can’t, start a project, then google how to after it’s too late” kind of person…


that I don’t know what to do with these hesitations.

At the moment they are 1. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and 2. Reupholstering those Dining Room Chairs!

Paint ASCP

Well, yesterday I decided to bite the bullet. I am starting small, and even though I tried to convince myself a million times to stray from the experience (back to my comfort zone) I have kept it real. I am redoing an end table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) in French Linen. No mixing, no thinning with water, no polyurethane (ugh, that’s when it got tough)!!

And just like any DIY project that involves butterflies, hesitations, arguments with yourself and tears…I am so glad I took the plunge! I am in love :-).

I think ASCP is meant to be experimented with. It is so versatile, you are supposed to mix colors, add water, sand it, not sand etc…I just wanted to know how it felt to do something without all that, so that when I move forward with future projects, I will have a better feel for what I am working with.

There are so many tutorials on the web re: ASCP…and she will actually answer your questions if you ask! Can you believe that she is following me on twitter?? And that’s only because I tweeted about this project that I had butterflies about STARTING.  I love her already :-)

OK…enough chit chat. Here is phase 1 of a 2 part post. I will reveal my finished table tomorrow!

Here is the before:

End Table Before

Not so pretty, but only 5 bucks!! I didn’t even negotiate on that price :-)

Front End Table

I love the hardware, just not the color…but I can’t have a project without a little spray paint!!

End Table Handle

Then comes the moment you realize you get what you pay for :-(


The center panels on the top of both levels are….??? What the heck are they? I still don’t know! They are squishy, leather like, make that pleather like, water stained, sanded down to some kind of particle board looking…I still don’t know what it is!!

So, even though everyone on the internet has said you don’t need to sand before using ASCP, I couldn’t resist. Mostly because I was on a (failed) mission to figure out what those panels are made of.


There was a lot of fretting during this project because I didn’t know what ASCP should look like after one coat, after two coats, after waxing etc…ugh! I should have watched some videos online before starting, but what’s the fun in that :-)

So, what do you think?? Success? Disaster? Have you ever had a piece of furniture with that kind of panel on top? Do you know what it is?? If so, please share!!

Come back tomorrow for the reveal :-)


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