Driftwood Candle Holder

On Friday I shared some things that have inspired me recently.

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One of the items I shared with you were these driftwood candle holders from Cost Plus.

Cost Plus $9.99-14.99
Cost Plus $9.99-14.99

The best part about this project was I had to spend the day at the beach with my youngest son and some friends…darn! We were on a mission for Driftwood!!


This candle holder was easy to make, and remember my estimate of how much it would cost me? Yep, 2 bucks!! I found this glass piece at a local thrift store.

Candle holder

I used my jig-saw to cut a rough circle out of scrap wood. I just traced the outline of my glass candle holder and cut slightly bigger.

Round Base

 And, those 6 words I just love to say….”It doesn’t have to be perfect!”

I cut the driftwood to size using my table saw. Remember to take into consideration the thickness of the base you are using when deciding how long you want the pieces to be.


I then attached the driftwood to the circular base with a finishing nailer.

Driftwood base

I love it and love the rustic, beachy look

Finished candle holder

Not bad for $2, huh?

Finished candle holder 2

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