Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Everyone loves a great cupcake. There are a lot of cupcake specialty shops popping up all over, but there is still something fun about the DIY version. These are a few of my favorite Halloween Cupcake Ideas. I chose cupcakes that I think I would be able to do myself at home. For example, I don’t work with fondant, never have…so I think these cupcakes and cake pops are not only SO super cute, but they look easy and fun to make.

Cupcake collage Halloween

I love this Frankenstein Cupcake Idea. Even though you can find some other options that are pretty elaborate, these are just simple, cute and easy!

Frankenstein cupcake

What would Halloween be without a Witch? Using ice cream cones for hats make these witch cupcakes super spooky, and SMART!

Witch Cupcakes

I think these skeleton cupcakes are just fabulous!

skeleton cupcake

These are the best traditional jack-o-lantern cupcakes out there. A very classic design.
jackolantern cupcake

The only way to make a Mummy inspired dessert is to make these Mummy Cake pops! My pick, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting = Yummy Mummy!

mummy cake pops

Another great idea is The Eyeball Cake Pop. Using gummy life savers for the eye color is simply brilliant!

eyeball cake pop2

I love these ghost cupcakes. They look totally professional!

Ghost Cupcake

Thinking outside the box and making cake pops upside down is a great idea when it comes to SPIDERS! How about rolling them in Oreo crumbs instead of chocolate sprinkles…??

Spider Cake Pops_dbl

Pair them with these classic spider web cupcakes and your Halloween party will be a huge hit!

spiderweb cupcake

I am so excited for Halloween. I have been refusing to start buying my pumpkins until October 1st, but can you believe they are showing up at every super market already? I hope you are inspired by these amazing desserts, and Have a Very Spooky and Happy Halloween!!


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Optimus Prime Birthday Party Inspiration

It is that time of year where we become saturated with birthday parties. Not only were my boys born in November and December, but a close group of friends (9 of us to be exact) all have kids born within one month of each other. It’s a very exciting time of year!!

My older son will be turning 5, and his request this year…Optimus Prime.


I couldn’t convince him that a Minion Birthday Party would be cooler than transformers!


So, I am starting early with my planning. Here is some inspiration I found to get started, I’ll be sure to share my finished party with you too!

It seems every year his Halloween Costume coincides with whatever type of birthday we are having. Makes sense…you plan around their favorite things. I ordered this costume from costume express. He asks every day, “How many more days until Optimus gets here?”

Optimus costume

Something to note: I was bummed to see they are offering discounts that they were not 1 week ago, but then I realized they also raised their prices as well…marketing tactics!

I like to bake my own cakes, for a couple reasons. To keep costs down and because there is something about making the cake that makes you feel like you are doing something really special for that person.

Optimus Cake


I think I could do something similar to this. I don’t use fondant, but could probably get store bought fondant for the flames and the accessories. Or I could maybe do something similar with cupcakes.

I ordered these customized party invitations from Party City…sorry for the poor picture quality, I think they do that on purpose so you can’t make your own.

Optimus invitations

I also ordered basics like plates, napkins etc. from Party City.

Now I have to start my research, as I don’t know much about transformers. We have a couple books, and a lot of the figures, but I think the television cartoons are too old for him yet, so we don’t allow him to watch. He still knows everything there is to know about transformers, as my husband is constantly telling him the stories and playing with him. I do know that he wants a treasure hunt, so I think we will be hunting for the “all spark.”



While battling the Evil Megatron and his Decepticons along the way

Image converted using ifftoany


We’ll be playing a fun game of Pin the Autobot Shield on the Robot, also found at Party City.

party game

And some other inspiration:

party ideas gears


I love the gears as decorations!

I also like to give out small gifts instead of a bag full of junk…no offense to those of you that do treat bags. But most of what you can afford in bulk is not of great quality. So I am shopping around for some cool party favors.

I will be sure to share the final party plans in November!


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