If you are working on expanding your power tool collection, but nervous to take that leap, I think I can help…

There are many resources out there, but that can be overwhelming as well.

After doing some of my own research, these are some of the tools I have acquired along the way.

I’ll also tell you a little bit about ~ why I chose these particular tools.

My first big purchase was a table saw.

I chose the Ryobi 10 inch portable table saw

Ryobi 10 inch table saw

I chose this saw for a couple reasons: It got great reviews by other users

(read reviews here)

It was appropriate for my skill level~ BEGINNER

and for the jobs I had in mind ~ SMALL HOBBY PROJECTS.

And by small hobby projects, that includes my FARMHOUSE TABLE!!

It is also versatile, meaning it allows me to make miter cuts, rip cuts, and cross cuts.

To be honest, it was a little intimidating at first, but I watched a lot of tutorials on You Tube and started slow…within a few cuts I was confident I had made the right purchase!! Don’t be scared of this saw, it’s safe…easy to use and easy to assemble!

And best of all…it is AFFORDABLE!

Another tool I recommend is the Ryobi 18V Finish Nailer

Ryobi 18V Nailer

Also very good reviews by users!

The advantages of this nailer are that it is lightweight, and CORDLESS…that means no compressor or hose needed!

You do however have to buy the battery and charger separate, which ads about $60 or more to the purchase price. You can use the batteries interchangeably in many of the Ryobi hand tools.

Even though I have provided links to buy these tools online, you can usually get them much cheaper if you buy from the store. If you live within a reasonable distance from the store, it may be worth a drive to pick them up yourself.

I bought mine at Home Depot…and had to call around to various stores. This is flying off the shelves so fast you may have to be there the day the shipment comes in. Also, they are limiting how many of these each store gets. Yep, it’s that popular!!

I also have the Makita Circular Saw and the Makita Finishing Sander

Makita Circular Saw
Makita Circular Saw
Makita 4 inch Finishing Sander
Makita 4 inch Finishing Sander

These are tools my husband had before I met him, they are quality tools and they are still in perfect working condition.

I have the Kreg Jig System on my Birthday and Mother’s Day Wish List!!

Other basic tools I think have been helpful include:

1. drill

2. drill bit kit,

3. countersink drill bit

4. staple gun for reupholsetry

5. Work Gloves

I have provided links to the tools I happen to have, but these tend to be things people already have around the house.

Let me know if you have any questions, would love to hear about your favorite tools…I am always adding to my WISH LIST!!


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