Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Everyone loves a great cupcake. There are a lot of cupcake specialty shops popping up all over, but there is still something fun about the DIY version. These are a few of my favorite Halloween Cupcake Ideas. I chose cupcakes that I think I would be able to do myself at home. For example, I don’t work with fondant, never have…so I think these cupcakes and cake pops are not only SO super cute, but they look easy and fun to make.

Cupcake collage Halloween

I love this Frankenstein Cupcake Idea. Even though you can find some other options that are pretty elaborate, these are just simple, cute and easy!

Frankenstein cupcake

What would Halloween be without a Witch? Using ice cream cones for hats make these witch cupcakes super spooky, and SMART!

Witch Cupcakes

I think these skeleton cupcakes are just fabulous!

skeleton cupcake

These are the best traditional jack-o-lantern cupcakes out there. A very classic design.
jackolantern cupcake

The only way to make a Mummy inspired dessert is to make these Mummy Cake pops! My pick, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting = Yummy Mummy!

mummy cake pops

Another great idea is The Eyeball Cake Pop. Using gummy life savers for the eye color is simply brilliant!

eyeball cake pop2

I love these ghost cupcakes. They look totally professional!

Ghost Cupcake

Thinking outside the box and making cake pops upside down is a great idea when it comes to SPIDERS! How about rolling them in Oreo crumbs instead of chocolate sprinkles…??

Spider Cake Pops_dbl

Pair them with these classic spider web cupcakes and your Halloween party will be a huge hit!

spiderweb cupcake

I am so excited for Halloween. I have been refusing to start buying my pumpkins until October 1st, but can you believe they are showing up at every super market already? I hope you are inspired by these amazing desserts, and Have a Very Spooky and Happy Halloween!!


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2013 Home Tour~Front Yard

My Home Tour-2013.

Here is our house. The before via MLS, what it looked like when they listed it for sale.

Via Verde Home Pre Sale Zillow

The house was built in 1969.

Prior to us buying the house, the owner added a quick coat of paint. A nice touch, but the wrong color, and only to the front of the house, not the sides or the back. Unfortunately they painted the entire house inside and out the same color. It’s taken us 2 1/2 years to cover all that paint :-). I never got a picture before the sod was ripped out, but here is what the house looked like the day we got the keys.

Willow and front door before

We pretty much gutted the front yard as much as you can gut a house.

willow demo 1

As sad as it was, we had to part with the weeping willow cherry tree. It had grown too close to the roof and already had a pie like section cut out of it. It was a beautiful tree, especially when blooming with pink flowers.

willow demo 2

We ripped off the 1970’s stone and resided and painted the Entire house.

Pavers 1

We also put new moldings on the windows.

Window moldings

We attached the drainage spouts to underground drainage that goes to the street and replaced the entire sprinkler system. And new sod really finished off the yard.

sod 3

sod 2  We also tore out all the concrete and replaced with pavers. I think pavers make such a statement!!

Driveway 2

We installed a circle patio out front. These pavers come in a special kit designed to fit together perfectly.

Driveway foundation

Lastly we replanted, added lighting, and replaced the front door

Here is the before:

Door before

And the after:

Painted American Flag
Painted American Flag

Here is what our home looks like today:

Finished front 1

Notice how grown in the plants are? Here is a view of the trellis right after it was put up


I love how the yard looks with all the plants filled in

finished front 2

I bought these medallions online. They were inexpensive, easy to install and they make a big impact. I hung one above the front window and one above the garage.


There you have it! This is our front yard. Even though this project was 100% contracted by professionals, I love it. It’s exactly what we were going for.


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