Martha Stewart Glass Paint

I am excited to be back here with another post after a busy weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed the weather. We had one day at over 100 degrees and another at mid 70’s. Amazing how the weather can change so quickly.

I have been working on a ton of projects. I found a glass vase for $3 at the Alameda Antique Faire last weekend. Check out some of my other finds here.

This vase feels a little dated, and there are hundreds of vases like this sitting in thrift stores across America, just waiting to be brought home and painted!

Glass Vase

I decided to try my hand at painting glass…it’s definitely not as easy as it looks!

My first inspiration was a photo, circulating around on pinterest, of Elmers Glue Painted Mason Jars. So bright and pretty, right?!?


This method actually looked ok with my first attempt. I used gel food coloring for a brighter finish and Elmer’s glue. The problem is this finish cannot withstand a drop of water. So in my book they are not really usable. I was kind of disappointed. The good news is the glue, aka “paint,” peeled right off so I could move onto plan B.

I was hoping for an orange finish to tie in with my outdoor furniture…I ultimately went with this Paint:

(first in orange and then in blue)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, just my humble opinion

Martha Stewart Glass Paint

I used the orange transparent gloss glass paint first:

Orange glass paint transparent

It just didn’t turn out bright enough. In the future I think I will use the opaque paint for better coverage and a brighter color.

This paint washed off right away when it was wet, but don’t think it would have after it started drying.

I was happy I had also bought blue paint as a back up plan  Plan C

Here is the finished blue vase, the paint goes a long way…I had a little extra already out of the bottle so I also painted a mason jar.

Blue Martha Stewart Glass Painted Vase

You can see a few drops of water, but they are on the inside of the vase and were not permanent.

After blue glass paint

Here is a side by side version of my DIY vase and mason jar and the Cost Plus Candle Holders (the look I was going for).

Glass Paint Comparison

I think they turned out great. There is a more turquoise color of this paint that I think would also be cool and closer to the Cost Plus version.

The paint was easy to use and this project (by the time I finally decided on the paint) took only about 15 minutes. I let them dry overnight and then placed them on a cookie sheet and into a cold oven. I set the oven to 350 degrees and baked for 30 minutes. Now they are Dishwasher Safe!!

Glue Glass Paint Vase

Here is another look for a different view of what the finish looks like.

Finished Blue Glass Vase Painted

The Martha Stewart Team has tons of ideas on their website for glass paint and glass etching. Both are easy and a great way to update a tired glass piece. They also sell skinny tape and stencils so you can add your own designer touch.

Have you painted glass? Would love to hear how it turned out for you :-)

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Alameda Point Antique Faire Finds

I am so grateful I live close to this WONDERFUL Antique Faire!!

Antique Fair June

More than 800 vendors, with a faire once a month!!

Today I am sharing the treasures I came home with this time…and some other finds that inspired me for future DIY projects.

Prices at the faire are always negotiable! I channeled my inner Lara Spencer and got to work :-). If you go early, you have more of a selection…BUT, if you wait until closer to the end, that is when you can get the really good deals.

My first find:

Pair of Lanterns

I am picturing a dark metal finish of some sort, maybe even black. I also want to wire these with Edison bulbs and make them into lanterns or sconces for my outdoor patio!! They were 10 bucks each $15 for the pair.

The only issue I see is the color…and they are filthy!

Next up:

Glass Vase

There are a lot of cheap glass items at fairs like this. I also see a lot of this stuff at thrift stores. I wanted a small vase to display my flowers from the garden without having to cut every flower off the plant to fill it up. This one was Five Bucks 3 Bucks. My inspiration came from the Elmer’s glue/food coloring images on pinterest. BUT I TRIED IT…and, well, not so much. Every drip of water will ruin the finish. Basically, they are just not usable. My friend Celeste, over at My Greenbrae Cottage, posted a tutorial about how to paint mason jars with that light blue finish.  I am thinking of trying bright orange to match my patio furniture!! (See the finished project here)

I also found this old window:


No negotiating on this price, but I think the vendor was giving me a great deal. This was about an hour before the end of the day. Eventually this will end up on the side of my boring pool equipment shed. Despite being an eye sore it is just not going anywhere, anytime soon, so I decided to make it pretty instead :-). I am going to add this window to the side of the pool shed that faces the yard and add a hanging plantar box embellished with decorative corbels underneath. I’ll share my before and after photos soon…I have a few other ideas up my sleeve.

I found another glass top for my second half wine barrel!! YAY!!

Glass Top

You can read all about how I made my first one here. I am so excited to have a set of these tables. Definitely an inexpensive statement for the garden! We actually convinced the vendor to split this top from an existing table!! (Never hurts to ask, right?). He quoted us $25 bucks Twenty dollars if you come back at the end of the day. Huge props to my hubby and his buddy who trucked back through the fair of 800 VENDORS to save me 5 bucks! Oh yeah, and carried this heavy bad boy to the truck.


My to do list for future projects was also inspired by things I didn’t purchase.  Projects I thought maybe I could try my hand at doing myself. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Wine Bottle Coffee Table

I don’t know that I could actually do this myself…in fact I am almost sure I couldn’t. I just though this table was so cool. Displaying your favorite wines through the glass table top!! What a great idea!

Old Fan

I have been searching for an old fan, in a smaller version, for quite some time. Unfortunately, the one I found today was already sold. Guess I will have to keep my eyes open. I am thinking maybe bedside table as a decorative touch.

Mosaic Coffee Table

I love this mosaic table top. They had a second version, in a green glass tile, that was so beautiful. I am thinking this would be a great top for my full sized wine barrel…aka pub style patio table.

Go Giants

I am so making my own DIY version of this bottle cap sign! I LOVE IT!

Go Bears

Had to post a pic of this for the hubby! Go BEARS!!

Garden sign

I absolutely love this sign. There was another vendor who was selling metal letters like this, but they were a much smaller version. I am thinking I could definitely find these in an Etsy store. Maybe a sign for my herb garden!

Garden Bench

I loved this potting bench, although I think I would do mine without the window (or at least without the glass). May have to consult Ana White on this one!

Fourth of July Craft

I have so many ideas for 4th of July projects…gonna have to start narrowing it down and get to work. Check out my pinterest page for more great ideas.

Cutest Dog Beds Ever

CUTEST DOG BEDS EVER!! Love the castor wheels :-)

Chalkboard Sign

I have seen so many chalk board projects recently and just bought some paint tonight!! Cannot wait to try it out, this looks like and easy DIY project. LOVE SUMMER and SUNNY BLUE SKIES!

Burlap Pennant

I see burlap pennants in my future :-)

So excited, so many projects, so little time! Seriously, it makes me wanna quit my day job :-).  Hoping to share some AFTER PHOTOS soon!!

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