The Weekend Knockoff #2

Happy Saturday!! Just a quick weekend knockoff today, because we are off to the beach!! YAY!

Last week I shared this candle holder from Cost Plus World Market with you:

Cost Plus $9.99-14.99
Cost Plus $9.99-14.99

And then later that week shared my own version, DIY for $2. Do you like the polished look of the CP version or the rustic authentic look of my version? I am a little biased, but I love mine :-).

Driftwood Candle Holder
Driftwood Candle Holder

This week I was inspired by this burlap wall hanging from Pottery Barn, burlap is inexpensive and I already have a bunch just waiting for a project like this. A little fabric paint and voila! Just in time for the Holiday. This is a great last minute craft (and easy to store too!)

Pottery Barn Burlap Fourth of July Hanging  $34.50 on sale $27.50
Pottery Barn Burlap Fourth of July Hanging $34.50 on sale $27.50

Here is a great rustic shelf that would be fun either stained like this or even painted! And, I guarantee you could make this shelf for about $10 or less!

Pottery Barn Rustic Wood Shelf $65-$95
Pottery Barn Rustic Wood Shelf $65-$95

 I just love these vases with rope. The added texture of the rope is such a fun idea to dress up a thrift store vase!!

SLOANE CERAMIC VASES $29.50 – $99.00 sale $16.99 – $58.99
$29.50 – $99.00 sale $16.99 – $58.99

And last but not least, I just LOVE these painted oars. I saw a bunch of old oars at a vintage shop a few months ago and I passed them by. I should know better, but now I have a perfect idea and will keep my eyes open for more. Thrifty Décor Chick painted an oar for her bathroom!! So cute, check it out!

Pottery Barn Stars and Stripes Oar $29-$119
Pottery Barn Stars and Stripes Oar $29-$119

Maybe I’ll find a washed up old oar at the beach today :-). Have a fabulous weekend!!


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End Table Reveal: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Well, I am happy to announce that my End Table Project was a success!! Yay, and I LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP)!!

As I mentioned in my previous post yesterday, I used French Linen and Clear Wax.

Paint ASCP

I was kind of freaking out through this project because of that weird material on the tops of each level of the table. Still don’t know what it is!! During a brief walk through Urban Ore today I saw it again on another table!! So curious to figure this out.

Anyway after the first coat of paint, it did not look good!! I figured this table was toast!

Paint Coat 1

I wasn’t exactly sure what this paint was supposed to look like after one coat, or if I should expect to need two coats.

End Table Water Damage

See how splotchy it looks? Is splotchy a word?

So I painted another coat…the great thing is this paint dries very fast! It goes on so smoothly…but the longer you work and the longer the paint can is exposed to air, the thicker it gets. I think this is something you can do intentionally to thicken up the paint if you desire.

Paint Coat 2

A second coat was much better and when it dried, you could not even see the water marks. BUT…and that’s a big but, as soon as I started waxing, they came back! :-(

I let the paint dry for 24 hours before waxing.

Then I remembered something I had read online about mixing the paint with the wax to tint it. So for the table top areas I mixed 1 part paint to 1 part wax…and it worked like a charm!! Watermarks gone!

In my (very limited) experience, when it comes to waxing, think thin to win…but not too thin. If you are too conservative, you will see streaks (easy fix….just add more wax). The furniture should feel essentially dry as soon as the wax is rubbed in. Rub in a circular motion, almost like rubbing lotion into skin…you don’t wanna have any excess wax sitting on the piece. Then let it cure for at least 24 hours.

And here is the finished product!!

End Table 3

I distressed lightly with sandpaper after the paint dried 24 hours and before waxing. I did read that a lot of people distress after they wax to minimize dust. Annie Sloan said so herself!!

End Table 4

Handles were spray painted with Rustoleum Amber Bronze. I love that spray paint!! Read more about that here.

End Table 5

The feeling of a waxed piece of furniture is so wonderful…if you haven’t experienced it, you gotta check it out!

End Table 1

I can’t wait to get started on my next chalk paint project (although I am also dying to try milk paint too).

I think I am also sold on chalk paint for my corner cabinets. A brief update on this project: I am done with one cabinet and it has been sitting in my dining room for about a month. I look at it every day, but I am not 100% in love…pretty in love, but not head over heels. I think it’s the color. I am planning to repaint and then move onto finishing the second cabinet and will reveal the finished cabinets soon!!

Have you used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? Homemade Chalk Paint? Milk Paint? If you have any tips to share, please do!!

What do you think of my end table? I would love your feedback!!

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